Tech Giants Demand Policy Reversal

The Human Rights Campaign or HRC and equality of North Carolina just penned an open letter to the North Carolina Governor Pat McCroy. The point of this letter was to urge him to overturn the provisions of the state houses bill 2 H.B. 2 which effectively eliminates non-discrimination ordinances and effectively writes into state law of North Carolina discrimination against LGBTQ people. Basically, it requires that transgender students in public school use bathroom and other gendered facilities in accordance with the assignment of their biological sex, rather than their understood gender identity.The state legislators passed this last Wednesday with McCroy signing it into law that very night with his full pledged support which is fairly uncharacteristic for decisions with this weight to be made so hastily. This is amid turmoil within the Silicon Valleytm

So when this hit the news waves, the Silicon Valley hit the cyber waves and were non to pleased. They penned an open letter which includes the signatures of more than 80 CEOs which include people at the very tip of the pyramid including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Sales Force CEO Marc Benioff. This is just to name a few and the letter included people in industries such as Levis and Chegg. To really drive the point home of how wide this net is being cast. Chad Griffin who is president of the HRC and Chris Sgro who is the executive director of Equality NC will be delivering this letter to McCroys office on Thursday morning. They’ve also requested a meeting with the Governor in person this Thursday. The message being loud and clear that money talks, and if you are going to push this through the biggest money maker potential is going to turn their back on you. In terms of a political career, if you were to get this warning and not heed it, potentially causing any economic hardship or lack of growth under your sight as a direct result of your actions would be career suicide.

qurrThe message is clear to McCroy and it is saying that discrimination of any kind is bad for North Carolina, it is bad for American, and it is just flat out bad business. Griffin says that “These business leaders are speaking out because they know this attack on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and especially transgender North Carolinian’s ins’t just morally wrong- it also puts their employees, costomers and North Carolina’s economy at risk. For the sake of all North Carolinians, Governor McCroy and the General Assembly must act now to repeal this heinous attack on fairness and equality.”

it is a pretty powerful imagine to see the leaders of industry stand up for a civil rights position on a scale this large and enact possible change like never seen before. There has never been anything like this, and to see what the implications of this action is and how it will be received remains a mystery. That said, the leaders of industry have spoken and you can be sure McCroy has heard them loud and clear.

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